Friday, July 10, 2009

The Schizzowphrenic

The Schizzowphrenic
Wondering who or what is this? He is Schizzow, Rapper / Graffiti artist / Graphic Designer / Penangite / King of Nasi Kandar. This is his latest debut album The Schizzowphrenic. Coming to somewhere near you SOON.. 

Wanna know more about him? Try his album, it will be an awesome experience.
He is no ordinary rapper, he is THE NEXT BIG THING! and for BIG i mean BIG... 

His Biography
Schizzow, a dude from Penang. Loves tagging, he cant leave those spaces blank. You can see his SCHIZZOW tag all over Penang. Seriously, peel your eyes wide, you will catch one or two around Upper Penang Road. 

He had release 2 Indipendent albums by the age of 19, together with his group, The Fundamental Mentalities. He also appear in Point Blanc's Straight To The Point (2007), MC Mahadhir's Momentum (2009) and Jin Hackman's Jinius At Work (2009)

He is a stealth, hardly seen or heard, no body knows where he lurks or what is he up to. But when he is out in the open, there will sure be a huge impact to the scene. 

His Portfolio
Fundamental Mentalities' EP Back2DBasix - 2004
Voices From Beneath Mixtape - 2004
The CLHS Rap Anthem - 2005
Rapsody's EP Seven Days - 2006
YinYang's EP The First Verse - 2006
Fundamental Mentalities' Sentimentalities album - 2006
Point Blanc's solo LP Straight To The Point - 2007
Graffiti Greatness CD Single - 2007
Voices From Beneath II Mixtape - 2008
The Rogue Squadron -_- (Dash Underscore Dash) Mixtape - 2008
MC Mahadhir's Momentum - 2009
Jin Hackman's Jinius At Work - 2009
The Schizzowphrenic LP - 2009

His latest album The Schizzowpherenic consist of 14 songs, with an individual style of rapping, it will sure to give you a new impression of rappers in Malaysia.  

14 songs for RM20, where can you get such offer, order now while stock last. 

Wanna get a hand on his album? Contact any moderators of the Blog, they will give you further information about the album. 

Or contact Mr. Potato for further details:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


What happens if you had a whole lot bunch of sheep and a few shepard dogs...
Make Art with them :D

I love sheeps~

Friday, March 20, 2009


spot it?? this is the icon that i mean. a.k.a. favicon
i tink there hv some problem ler. only me can view the icon

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You-tube CHAOS

Could you imagine seeing a website falling apart?

Money flying out from the video o_o''
Words falling apart
The video bars falling apart...
More items came flying out and more things fall apart
In the end... the whole website even the video was falling...
Its a new game by Nintendo Wii called WarioLand ShakeIt

Click on this link to go and experience it yourself how chaos youtube have become :D

click here to see youtube falling apart

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

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